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What are Access Doors and What are They For In any building or structure, there are the usual provisions for passageways called access doors. For maintenance and repair purposes are the usual reason of use of these doors. There is a difference between a passage door and access door, in that a passage door means a part of a building’s entry while an access door is usually restricted to the general public and can only be used by specific personnel. For operation maintenance, businesses like manufacturing plants and offices usually have mechanical and technical equipments. These places therefore are being protected for being sensitive areas and thus access doors are necessary to control entry of unauthorized personnel. Take note that access doors have different uses and they are not limited only to industrial plants and offices alike. For example, employees in an office setting use the access door as entry to be able to enter into the establishment, thus these access doors are employee restricted. The main reason for this is security wherein management would want to ensure that only their employees have gained access to their facilities and would help security staff properly implement this policy. Another purpose of the access door is to make the employees enter the premises without seeing or joining with the outsiders who are coming into the structure. Another use of these doors is as entry into restricted areas in premises containing some sensitive equipment. An example is in a radio station premise where there are transmitters that not just anybody can make an adjustment, thus access doors are used for entry.
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Access doors have different types and each will be suited to the purpose of the door. There is that kind of access door that is termed fire rated because it can be scaled at how much damage the door can endure for a certain period of time that it is being exposed to fire. The next kind of access door is the plastic variety which is considered as the cheapest and easiest to use. Another kind of access door is the stainless steel type which is often used for the security of bank vaults and other similar high security areas in some establishments. In homes, access doors are also installed in attics where personal belongings are usually stored. Depending on what you will use access doors for, these will be good investment for either domestic users or businessmen. It is advisable whenever you are constructing a home or an office that you are to review your options for planning your access doors and their installation. Through websites available online, you will find these products with free installations given plus a wide range of choices.

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