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Minecraft Server Selection Guide With tons of Minecraft servers to choose from, you may find it daunting to pick a quality Minecraft server. Based on what you need, you should always go for the best option. However, the million dollar question is how to get started bearing in mind that you have too many options. This guide highlights crucial tips to help you choose top Minecraft servers. You have to start by checking out the lists of servers. You will come across thousands of websites Minecraft services. Ensure that you have picked the most active servers because the list is given based on the popularity of the server. However, it is paramount to know some servers pay to be ranked on the top of the list. This however should not worry you because you can identify these sponsored servers by checking if they have a start of the “sponsored’ label next to a list item. Going for the best gameplay model is also paramount. Moreover, the server tags or descriptions lets you understand what the server is all about. May be you are familiar with most of tags or descriptions mostly if you have played your favorite games on some of the top rated servers.
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You also have to consider the number of people that are logged into a specific server; most of the lists show number of players that are logged into a particular server. If you are playing a small or a light play, a server that has a minimum of 100 people signed in is very desirable for you. A server that has around 50 people logged in is very desirable for the person looking for an intimate community.
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As a player, you have to check out the technical information about the server. Sometimes, you can get these details from the server description. You can also get the server information from tags used to organize server’s list. However, in case you can’t find this information, you may go to the website of the server. Most of the players prefer the grief protection feature. This feature makes it tougher for the other players to take down your building and items. In most cases, survival server description, mention this although not come across this information on every online server. You should also browse the server site too. As you browse, examine the web pages carefully and make sure there are appealing. Check out if you can see the server functions, its standards, and its community staff. Reputable servers have information which is excellent laid down and is very easy to use.

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